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Securing media coverage. Changing perceptions.

Acting as a press office for our clients is our bread and butter work.

We understand what journalists are looking for and know a good story when we see one.

We've gained a reputation for being pro-active in seeking out media opportunities when, on the face of it, there seem to be none, and for producing measurable results.

Press Release Service

If you think you've got a story but don't know the best way to maximise the opportunity, then we can help.

Firstly, we'll tell you straight whether it is a story that journalists would be interested in, the best approach to take and ways to make it more newsworthy. 

We'll then write the press release and send it to the right media contacts (tweaking the information to appeal to the journalist or media outlet.) 

Media Relations & Campaigns

If you're looking for a more sustained presence in the media or you have a particular project that needs a more comprehensive press campaign, we can pull together a relevant strategy.  

We'll start by evaluating the objectives and key messages, and basically get the business or project 'under our skin'. 

We'll then scrutinise the possible media opportunites and put together a tactical campaign that could include other PR activity such as:

Online PR 

Online or digital PR is now part and parcel of our everyday work, particularly as the 'pick-up' of your news online is an important strand in building links to your website and strengthening your organic search engine optimisation (SEO) results.

We will tweak your news to incorporate keywords, submit to relevant sites, contact influential bloggers and integrate your online PR with your social media activity.  



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