UK magazine trends 2017

Average circulation might be down, but the story isn't all doom and gloom.

UK magazine trends 2017

Magazine circulation might be dropping but there is some resilience in the marketplace and with a number of new upstarts aimed squarely at very niche, smaller audiences, it isn't all doom and gloom.

With many lifestyle magazines running travel and days out sections or profiles of food producers or artisan crafters, there is still (and you could argue even rising) demand for good, trusted content that is targeted at their readership.


What's your tourism tribe?

Discovering who your tribe is makes it far easier to write blog content.

Blog-stalling is common and often comes about when writers think 'why bother' when there's a plethora of similar information out there. The key is to identify who your tribe is - not just the general public, but people who share your thoughts, ideas and passions.

A tale of two blogs (the tumbleweed + the blossoming)

Why Yorkshire Dales businesses should blog more

A tale of two blogs (the tumbleweed + the blossoming)

Having trawled a good few websites belonging to Yorkshire Dales businesses recently, the majority that have a blog section are guilty of the:

Tumbleweed blog

That well-intentioned space where once upon a time fired-up bloggers churned out prolific quantities of company news and opinions, only for the enthusiasm to have dwindled to the point where the blog now resembles a tumbleweed in a desert.

If this seems familiar, then maybe it’s time to look again at why this wasted space is a missed marketing opportunity.


www is 25 years' old but how aged are many websites looking?

Is your website working with or against you?

www is 25 years' old but how aged are many websites looking?

I’m struggling with the reality that I really am old enough to remember living and working pre-internet days but there, I just need to get over it.

Having just read a piece, courtesy of the on how the web has revolutionised the travel experience, I also started thinking about just how well many smaller destination/travel businesses are using the internet as a tool for engaging with their audiences.

Act Swiftly When The Dirt Is Being Dished

Horsemeat scandal – a lesson in crisis management

 Act Swiftly When The Dirt Is Being Dished

I was a journalist when the BSE crisis left the UK farming and meat sector in tatters for years afterwards. The crisis was unprecedented, the various government and industry bodies were, to use an appropriate term, accused of making regulation on the hoof and hacks had a field day as the various meat practices were exposed and vilified.

PR & Marketing Budgets When Times Are Tough

Firms that have resisted the temptation to cut their PR and marketing budget have shown the strongest sales growth a construction industry survey has concluded (Construction News, 31st May).

Now, for marketeers this fact comes as no surprise, but as the survey authors (Leading Edge consultants and the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s Construction Industry Group) conclude it does mark a sea-change in thinking in an industry which has been one of the hardest hit by the recession.

Writing Winning Award Submissions

Award wins are great for you and your business, but how can you turn an 'also ran' entry into a winner?

Awards are real profile boosters but they also underline what’s great about your business whether it’s the people, a successful sales strategy, or a strong corporate social responsibility policy.

Best of all is the fact that it’s independent referees (ie: the judges) who are saying you’re great which is far more convincing to others than somebody shouting about their own greatness!

Having just come up for air after writing a plethora of award submissions on behalf of clients (of which we’ve already had two shortlisted for the final line-up),  I thought it was worthwhile giving a few tips on entering awards. It may seem a doddle, but every award entry takes time and effort to get right, even to get within grasp of the winner’s trophy.

Five ideas for creating news

Five ideas for creating news

Coming up with ideas for news can be a bit of a headache for many companies. This is the first in an occasional series of blogs that will suggest ideas for possible news stories (some will be less serious as I'm going to use the alphabet as I go along which means that when I come to Q and Z, I could be clutching at straws!)

PR & SEO - Are They Getting Married?

PR & SEO - Are They Getting Married?

It should be no secret that SEO and PR are becoming more entwined and yet there is still a gaping chasm in the thought process of many people that the two are completely separate functions.

Yes there is a lot of techie stuff that goes with SEO and here I hold my hands up and confess that I can only delve so far into talk of algorithms and coding before my eyes start glazing over.


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