What's your tourism tribe?

Discovering who your tribe is makes it far easier to write blog content.

Blog-stalling is common and often comes about when writers think 'why bother' when there's a plethora of similar information out there. The key is to identify who your tribe is - not just the general public, but people who share your thoughts, ideas and passions.

Many Yorkshire businesses in the tourism and visitor attraction business will understand that PR is all about having conversations with the right people and building your community or ‘tribal’ following.

This is why social media and blogging is well and truly part of the PR toolkit.

For many though, while they’re happily tweeting away and keeping their facebook updated, blogging causes a certain amount of procrastination.

I know, I’ve done it myself, and I can happily ghost write blogs for clients that will engage with their customers all day long.

One of the causes (and this is why my blog stalled) has been trying to decide who my tribe is.  

I initially wanted to reach out to any SME in Yorkshire. Yet when I trawled the web I found that while my blog content could be like many others (sharing PR advice for SMEs), there just seemed to be a plethora of PR blogs already doing this.

So I made the decision to concentrate on a very particular segment of the Yorkshire SME sector and build a tribe based on shared thoughts, ideas and ethos.

In my case my tribe is:

  • People who are passionate about Yorkshire and who are involved either directly or indirectly with attracting visitors to the county.
  • They are hard working, friendly, generous, down-to-earth and willingly collaborate with others.
  • They are keen to promote what they, and the county, has to offer and are looking for ideas and solutions that will help them do this.
  • In this respect they do not shy away from a bit of ‘quirk’ – instead they are keen supporters of quirky ideas that will help set them apart from the crowd.

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